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Easter Camp

Monday 6th April-Friday 17th April excluding bank holidays.


Tennis or BMX and Multisports from £10/day.


We at 6 Love Coaching aim to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere at our holiday camps for all children, as well as creating a fantastic environment to learn how to sport. We really believe in the benefits children get from sport, and are passionate about giving them the best experience possible. We have run an established, well attended summer camp for several years now, year upon year aiming to improve our service.

This holiday camp we are excited to offer you either a tennis specific day or multi-sport day, with several times to drop off and pick up to suit every need. Please click on to see an example day and prices.

Sibling Discount

We offer 20% off to every child you have after your first. For example, if you have 3 members coming to camp 1030-230, the first pays full price of £10, and the other 2 pay £8 each totalling to £26 instead of £30.

Introduce a Friend

If you bring a friend with you who hasn’t been before, you both go half price for that day. For example, if you are a member doing a day of 1030-230, you will pay only £5 and your friend will pay £6 for their day, (assuming they’re a non member).